New Recommendations for Infants and Expecting Mothers

The Chicago Tribune reports on new recommendations for pregnant mothers and children, including several related to oral care. According to the Tribune, new recommendations include introducing infants to fluoride toothpaste, providing fluoridated tap water to babies rather than bottled waters and routine oral health assessments during pregnancy for expecting mothers. read more

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Study Show More Likely to be hired after Tooth Bleaching

Valet Magazine reports that according to a recent study, good teeth are what women “judge men on most” when first considering a romantic relationship, while an independent research found that 58% of a study’s participants were more likely to be hired, and 53% received larger salary offers after their teeth has been whitened. read more

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Improper Toothbrush Storage May Spread Bacteria

Prevention Magazine reports that one of the activities which may spread bacteria, is the improper storage of the toothbrush. The toothbrush might be “laden with bacteria, saliva, and if you are a particularly aggressive brusher, blood.” read more

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Maximize Dental Benefits

Most dental benefit plans have an annual maximum dollar amount that will be reimbursed for a calendar year. This dollar amount is set by your carrier, and whatever benefits not used by December 31, are lost forever and cannot be carried over to the next year. We urge you to check your coverage and see […] read more

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FDA Issues Warning for Teething Infants Use of Numbing Medications

CBS News reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a new warning for gum numbing medications and infant teeth. The FDA states that infants have suffered overdoses of benzocaine containing teeth products. All prescription oral viscous lidocaine products will now require a warning label on treating infants and small children. read more

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Health Organizations Urge Major League Baseball to Ban Tobacco Products

Following the death of baseball Hall of famer Tony Gwynn, the American Dental Association (ADA) and eight other medical and public health organizations, sent a letter to the Major League Baseball Executive Director. In the letter, the organizations urged MLB to prohibit tobacco use at ballparks and on camera. This is reported in the ADA […] read more

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Athletes May Be At Higher Risks for Tooth Erosion and Cavities

In a recent study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Sports, triathletes were found to have higher tooth erosion than non-athletes. Consumption of sports drinks, gels and bars during training was a factor in developing decay and erosion. read more

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Study Suggests Red Wine Could Potentially Fight Off Cavities

A new study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, demonstrates in a lab setting, that red wine is an effective agent to ward off the oral bacterial that contributes to tooth decay. read more

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Diseases Dentists Find First

In a recent Reader’s Digest article, it states that dental checkups may reveal more than you realize. Not looking only at the teeth, but also at all the soft tissues of the mouth. This access can identify diseases such as diabetes, Crohn’s disease, oral cancers and other serious conditions. read more

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What to do about Bad Breath

In an article from CNN Health, it states that bad breath can emanate from many sources. Certain foods, poor dental care, dry mouth, tobacco products, certain medications and medical conditions. In addition, bad breath is caused by bacteria living on the back of your tongue. A solution to the problem includes: Rinse with mouthwash including […] read more

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